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Runebound: Unbreakable Bonds


R 750
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1 - 4
14 +


Thematic games


Adventure | Exploration | Fantasy


Co-operative play | Deck / pool building | Dice rolling | Variable player powers

You've spent your life tramping across the fields of Terrinoth, facing danger time and again, testing your skills in battle against terrifying monsters, and living a life of unchecked adventure. You never know what you may discover beyond the horizon - a towering range of mountains, the lair of an evil beast, or the sun reflecting from the walls of one of the Free Cities. Yet, throughout your travels, there's always been a feeling of competition with other adventurers, driving you to fight harder and move faster than another so-called "hero." Just maybe you'd prefer to work and fight together, once in a while? Experience adventuring in an entirely new way with Unbreakable Bonds, introducing cooperative and solo play for Runebound. Whether you strike out on your own, join a party of heroes, or face off against your rivals, Unbreakable Bonds offers a completely new take on the game of Runebound.


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