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The Colonists


R 1695
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Strategy games




Area movement | Card drafting | Hand Management | Modular board | Tile Placement | Variable player powers | Worker Placement

The Emperor has tasked you with founding a glorious new colony in his name! Send your steward out into the countryside, build residences and attract colonists to this new settlement! Attracting colonists is not enough though, you must also find jobs for them and educate them, allowing simple farmers to progress to citizens and finally to wealthy merchants. Build embassies to establish relations with distant lands and grow your colony into one that will earn the Emperor’s favor!

Game Components: 

• 62 Places tiles

• 202 Building tiles

• 72 Embassy tiles

• 8 Warehouse extension tiles

• 36 Storage Facilities tiles

• 4 Market tiles

• 4 Basic Storage Upgrade tiles

• 1 Starting Player tile

• 16 Steward tokens (in 4 different colors)

• 120 Colonist meeples

• 55 Dollar tokens (various denominations)

• 40 Tool tokens

• 440 Resource tokens (brick, coal, robes, wood, clay, ore, planks, iron, food)

• 140 Improvement cards

• 28 Market cards

• 4 Balance cards

• 4 Era cards

• 1 Round card

• 3 Overview cards

• 4 Community boards

• 9 Colony overviews

• 1 Scoring pad

• 1 Rule book

• 1 Introductory rulebook

• 1 Appendix


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