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7-set Elvish White-Black


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“Á harya indo máralessë” (Focus on the good)

This set of wonderful elvish dice will become an inseparable companion of every player with even a bit of noble elvish blood circulating in his veins or with small elven light lit in his heart. But real magic works only if it’s tailored for purposes. Spells cannot be cast without consideration. You must choose the color wisely because all elvish heritage needs wisdom for using. You should be faster than ents but the true wisdom is more worthy than any gold and treasure when you pick your color, you determine your character personality. These dice are made in the best elven tradition of design, for wise people. You have to, you know, honor the Eldars. Don’t underestimate these words! 

For example, Elvish White & black Dice Set, “glân ar môr”, is a great set for dreamers that want to use dice that resemble the white plains of snow with high peaks and rocks. This is a set for players that know that the might of mountains is overwhelming. If you sit quietly on the rock and grip your dice, you can hear the mountain wind that is telling the story about giant eagles that rescue heroes and help fight with Great Adversary.


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