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Army Painter Wargaming Set


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Army Painter has a new set that is perfect for the gamer on the move...

All you need to wreak havoc on the battlefield is in the Wargaming Set, all in one quality zippered case making sure that you never lose your command tools.

Whether you are a casual wargamer or a top tier tournament pro this set gives you all the physical tools you need to inflict table top devastation on your enemies. The rest is up to your wits.

The Wargaming set is comprised of:
* The "Markerlight" laser pointer
* The "Targetlock" laser line
* The "Rangefinder" cm/inch tape measure
* 36 dice (including detacheble dice pouch, 6 green dice & 30 red dice)
* FREE 24gm super glue
* FREE zippered carrying case


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