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Clones Attack Hilarity #1


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Love Cards Against Humanity but hate yourself?

Then Clones Attack Hilarity is for you! Buy these 150 unaffiliated, unofficial, but totally compatible cards for the world's most popular party game. Let hilarity ensue as you and your dumb friends compete for the title of 'Most Horrible Person'.

Card backs are black and white while card fronts are slightly off white and black. For use with Cards Against Humanity. You must own Cards Against Humanity to play.

Instructions for Clones Attack Hilarity: 

Step One: Mix these cards with your Cards Against Humanity base set

Step Two: Play 

Step Three: Pee your pants 

*Disclaimer: Clean pants not included. 


Q: Will these fit in with my base set of Cards Against Humanity or are all the cards different sizes because you guys don't know how to use a ruler?

A: We do know how to use rulers and we made sure these cards are exactly the same size, thickness and finish as the original Cards Against Humanity cards.



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