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Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness


R 995
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1 - 8
14 +
Medium H


Thematic games


Adventure | Fighting | Novel Based | Horror | Travel


Card drafting | Co-operative play | Dice rolling | Point to point movement | Time track | Variable player powers

Mountains of Madness is the second expansion for Eldritch Horror , a cooperative game of terror and global adventure for one to eight players. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s novella about an ill-fated Antarctic expedition, Mountains of Madness opens the desolate and eerie expanses of Antarctica, where lie the ruins of the Elder Things’ primeval civilization. Hidden there are the clues and artifacts you need to prevent the Ancient Ones from rising, but the ice also conceals inhuman, terrifying creatures, recently awakened and thirsty for blood.

You will find in Mountains of Madness a side board depicting six different Antarctic locations. Two new Ancient Ones threaten humanity in unprecedented ways, and eight investigators join the international effort against them. Additional gates spawn monsters in previously safe locations and a plethora of Assets, Artifacts, Conditions, Spells, and the Focus Action become available for use in the struggle against impending doom.



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