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2 - 6
Medium L


Strategy games




Area control / area influence | Card drafting | Set Collection

It's the dawning of a new age in the land of Ethnos. The last rulers left the six Kingdoms without leadership and scattered the twelve ancient tribes across the land.

In Ethnos, players will recruit different Tribe cards into their hands, band them together, and play them to gain control of one of the six Kingdoms over the course of three Ages. Each Band can have a Leader, and only the Leaders can tap into their tribe's special abilities. After three Ages of political maneuvering and battles, peace between the six Kingdoms will be restored under a new ruler.

* Twelve Tribes - From Skeletons to Giants to Merfolk, all of the different Tribes have their own unique special abilities.

* Immersive World - Featuring original artwork by fantasy legend John Howe, the world of Ethnos comes alive.

* A Political Battle - Up to six players fight for control of Ethnos in a game designed by Paolo Mori.


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