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Flick Em Up! (Plastic Version)


R 695
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Thematic games


Action / Dexterity | American West


Action Point Allowance System | Take That

As dawn breaks, you plant your spurs in the dirt outside the town bank. With a loaded gun in your holster, there`s only one question that needs answering: who are you fighting for? The Sheriff, who fights to protect all that`s good and pure? Or the Cooper Clan, who fight because it`s fun and profitable? They don`t call it the Wild West for nothing! In the disc-flicking game Flick `em Up!, you can become an outlaw and rob banks, free prisoners, and attack innocent bystanders...or become the Sheriff and try to protect the people of your city from these bandits!

This edition of Flick 'em Up! features plastic components. 


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