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Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance


R 750
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2 - 5
12 +


Strategy games




Card drafting | Dice rolling | Set Collection | Variable phase order | Worker Placement

This is an expansion. The Lorenzo il Magnifico core box is required to play.

In Lorenzo il Magnifico, players compete to see which noble family can gain the most prestige and fame during the Renaissance.

The Houses of Renaissance expansion allows a 5th player to join the fun and offers players new ways to play their favorite game. Family Tiles, acquired during a start of game auction, give players powers to expand their influence throughout Italy. Players can combine those powers with new Leaders, Special Token Resources, the Special Tower, and Adaptation Tiles to experience new levels of strategy. But they'll want to watch out for the new Excommunication Tiles! 


* Personal Board

* Personal Bonus Tile

* 3 Excommunication Tiles

* 5 Family Members

* 5 Stickers

* 4 Marker Discs

* 3 Excommunication Cubes

* 48 Special Development Cards

* 20 Leader Cards

* 30 Wooden Resources

* 30 Special Tokens

* Special Tower Tile

* 2 Adaptation Tiles

* New Council Tile

* 10 Family Tiles

* 5 Auction Tiles

* 3 Special Faith Tiles


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