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Monolith Arena


R 995
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2 - 4
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Medium L



Fantasy | Fighting


Hand Management | Hex-and-Counter | Partnerships | Player elimination | Tile Placement | Variable player powers

The Monoliths Call for Battle and Bloodshed!

The primeval Monoliths, older than the oldest chronicles and songs. These holy stones' thirst for the blood of warriors is never quenched.

Whenever the blood-red comet adorns the sky, the greatest warriors from the distant corners of the world gather to fight in the deadly olympics. Whoever you are, however far you've traveled, you are free to join the competition with your team and challenge the champions of the arena.

Win for glory, for your leaders and gods, or for the power of the Monolith itself - or relinquish your place to someone better!

Monolith Arena is a tactical game in which campions from different factions clash with one another upon the arena grounds. During the game, players attack the Champions and Banner of the enemy faction.

The goal of the game is to eliminate the other player's Banner. The player who decreases the enemy Banner hit points to 0 wins the game!

Four Unique Factions Fight it Out!

Lords of the Abyss

Deep beneath the surface lies the realm of abysmal creatures and demonic powers. It is ruled by the lords for whom it is not the sun that brings the light, but the flames of hell. Their impact on the kingdoms of the surface is stronger than any would like to admit. Their inaccessibility just a delusion. Not a night goes by without some ambush from underground, bringing fear and destruction to the surface. It wouldn't be a true gathering at the Monolith Arena if not for the demonic champions challenging the bravest of the children of light.

Dragon Empire

The Dragon Empire is the most prominent among all human kingdoms. Its best warriors fight in the arena united under one banner, with the Emperor's name on their lips. They spill blood for him. They don't hesitate to give their lives for him. Under his rule the engineers developed the secrets of gunpowder, terrifying for those ignorant of its power. Under his command, powerful magic is bounf by ancient spells, and dragons are bought under submission. Each win and each defeat - it's all in the name of the Emperor.

Harbingers of the Forest

Dark forests, primeval and pulsing with magic - this is the elves' domain. There, hundreds, ghosts, and beasts roam. Some are highly intelligent, while others are as wild as nature itself. The Harbingers are hardly just the elves, and each gathering of champions at the Monolith Arena holds a mystery: what monsters will arrive to fight side-by-side with the elves this time? What old powers will they awaken to tip the scales of vicotry to their side? Which creatures from the oldest myths and stories will you have to face?

Guardians of the Realm

The dwarves come from distant parts of the known realm. They hail from their mountain holds, which stand as a barrier against unimaginable powers from the other side of the Eternal Mountains. They seem to get stronger each time the champions gather at the Arena. Their runes becomes more and more powerful. Their blacksmiths and armorers prepare better weapons and equipment. The unique mix of magic and technology bringing more horrific, deadly, and amazazing machines every time. We do not know who they fight with beyond the lines of their fortresses, but these battles are honing them into challengers that spark fear in their opponents within the Monolith Arena.


1 Rulebook

1 Game Board

12 Plastic Monolith Segments

1 Active Player Tile

22 Wound Markers

6 Net Markers

4 Disarmament Markers

5 Poison Markers

1 Entrenchment Marker

1 Net Marker

8 Hit Point Markers (2 per faction)

30 Initiavtive Markers

4 Alliance Tiles

2 Alliance Hit Point Markers

4 Faction Reference Sheets

140 Faction Tiles




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