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Shuffle Go: Boggle Slam


R 150
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2 - 4
8 +


Family games


Card Game | Word game


Have a fabulous time with this great fast paced card game! The winner is the first player to get rid of all their cards, the aim of the game is for all players to compete at the same time to change the word on the table using the cards in their hand. How to Play - Take a moment to look at the cards in your hand then once everyone has looked at their own cards one player says ready set slam! Now all the players race at the same time trying to change the word in the frame by covering one of the existing letters with a new letter making a different word of four letters. Players shout out the new word and place their letter card over another letter to change the word on the table to the new word they have chosen. You may only add one card at a time. The Shuffle Boggle Slam App adds a special element to the game, download the app to find out what happens when you have a yellow letter! Free Shuffle Boggleslam APP to change the gameplay available for iOS devices which also a quick start guide on setting up the different games. Great fun for Children, Adults, Teens & as a family game. Box Contains 55 cards Instructions Shuffle Boggle Slam Card Game A high speed game where all players compete at the same time to change the word on the table using the cards in their hand. Includes 55 Letter Cards Free Shuffle App to change the gameplay and for quick start videos for iOS Devices Suitable for ages 8+ and 2-4 players



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