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Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition


R 595
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Thematic games | Family games | Party games


Card Game | Fighting | Humor | Science Fiction


Dice rolling | Trading | Variable player powers

Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artist Editions!

The munchkins are back and better than ever. The classic space expansion for Munchkin has a whole new look! Now they're Mutants, Cyborgs, and Cat People. . . grabbing Lasers, Vibroswords, and Nova Grenades. . . fighting Fanged Fuzzballs, Bionic Bimbos, and the fiendish Brain in a Jar.

Len Peralta's work includes illustrations for books, games, and comics, including his graphic novels TenState and Exterminite. Peralta also produces the "Geek a Week" podcast and trading card series and a regular show called "Jawbone Radio" with his wife, Nora. Fans of Munchkin can see more of Peralta's work in Munchkin The Guild and the Munchkin Apocalypse and Munchkin Apocalypse 2 Guest Artist Editions.


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