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In stock
R 1,100.00
Santa Maria's is a strategy game for families and grown-ups. Expand your colony by placing tetris-shaped tiles, then activate buildings with dice. Produce resources, form shipping routes, and send out conquistadors and missionaries.

In stock
R 495.00
Unbeknownst to the citizens of Shady Grove, USA, a battle is brewing while they sleep. The most powerful heroes the world has ever known have converged to stop an onslaught of malicious super villains. The trouble is, these nefarious criminals are hiding in plain sight as residents of Shady Grove, so the heroes first have to find these treacherous evil-doers before it's too late...

In stock
R 395.00
Trivial Pursuit: Rick and Morty allows fans of the hit television series to test their knowledge from 600 questions relating to Frienemies, Technology & Science, Locations, Rick and the Family, History & Events and a Wubalubadubdub Wild Card category.

In stock
R 595.00
Speak Out Showdown is the electronic 'head to head' mouthpiece challenge game with ridiculous rambling and random interruptions. Players simultaneously try to get their teammates to correctly guess more correct phrases than their opponents, but the electronic interrupter unit's hand randomly determines when it's your turn to speak out and when it's not!

In stock
R 325.00
Harry Potter fans can show off their fandom and enjoy a cup of their favorite beverage with this Harry Potter Yellow Hufflepuff Crest 12 oz. Mug and Coaster Set. This set makes a great gift for fans of JK Rowling's Wizarding World!

In stock
R 650.00
Follow in the footsteps of your favorite wizards and head off to school with your very own Harry Potter Hogwarts Backpack. Fill it with books of spells and potions and take a little bit of magic with you everywhere you go.

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R 150.00 R 130.00

In stock
R 150.00
Take turns to ask each other questions, piece together the mystery and solve the crime. Use your detective skills to solve the mystery and make an accusation – who did it, with what and where! Don't get caught with the evidence!
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