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In stock
R 595.00
Four brave penguins have entered the long‑lost pyramid of Pengqueen and must now claim its fabulous treasures before the mummy drags them down into her tomb for all eternity. Pyramid of Pengqueen is a strategic game of cat and mouse for children, families, and casual gamers, in which your goal is to collect the treasure before the player playing as the mummy can catch you.

In stock
R 995.00

In stock
R 250.00
Award-winning game of visual perception for the whole family. Between any two cards there is always one and only one matching symbol. Spot it fast to win.

In stock
R 325.00
A new pool and beach themed family game. Up to eight players can play at a time. 55 unique cards with a multitude of symbols to look for. Multiple mini-game allow for endless playability. Incredibly easy to learn and quick to teach

In stock
R 275.00

In stock
R 550.00
Within this Unit Expansion, you`ll find seven unpainted Snowtrooper miniatures, inviting you to field these troopers as a single unit and combat the Rebellion in even the most hostile and adverse environments, as well as an assortment of upgrade cards, allowing you to kit out your Snowtroopers for whatever you expect to face on the field of battle.

In stock
R 260.00
The official Starfinder dice set for the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path. Each of this seven fire-glaring dice bears designs suggestive of the sun about Burning Archipelago. Roll the dice and fight with the pillaging ambition of efreeti!

In stock
R 260.00
The official Starfinder dice set for the Signal of Screams Adventure Path. Each of these seven alarmingly cobalt blue dice bear designs that can be your gate to the Shadow Plane. Roll the dice and don’t forget to call your team if you are in danger!

In stock
R 495.00
The Call Of Cthulhu Dice Tower is made with sturdy materials (MDF), decorated with blasphemous ornaments and designed with a taint of madness. Set allows you to build the tower on your own from separate pieces without any tools.

In stock
R 395.00
Roll the dice! Then each player chooses two sets of dice to use from the common pool. Fill up regions and connect lines of numbers to get lots of points. The player who uses their bonuses at the right time will shoot into the lead.

In stock
R 795.00
Today, there is chaos in the chicken yard!!! Todays practice for the chicken cha cha olympics is feather stealing. Each chicken cha chas to catch each of their opponents without being caught themself.

In stock
R 895.00
Subtext has players trying to communicate with one another by drawing hints about the word on their card. Drawing well is not required — in fact, it’s a bad idea! - but rather just be clever in selecting your hints.
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